iTrust Partnership.

April 24, 2023

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We are delighted to partner with iTrust and utilise the fantastic Speak Up App across the business enabling our staff and students to have a platform of being able to speak up. The partnership will enable all staff and students’ access to the App for everyone to report on the following areas:-

  • Speak up.
  • Reporting a near miss.
  • Suggesting a change.
  • Say something positive.

The App itself is a useful tool for people to be able to report positive or negative concern inclusive of pictures or video footage anonymously which goes safely and securely into the board of directors who can view all incidents and act accordingly. This will enable a safe system of work for staff and students to feel supported by having access to this tool if they feel they wish to report a concern or a success story no matter what setting they are operating in. We are absolutely delighted to have the use of the iTrust service and will ensure this is available to all staff, students, and community groups across our four cornerstones. For more information about iTrust please visit their website or download the brochure below.

Download Brochure

Any people connected to Sports Connect needing to speak up please follow the link below.

Speak up

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