About Us

Sports Connect is a registered NCFE and 1st4Sport Approved Centre as well as a Kent FA Licenced Football Provider. We are an inclusive sport for all education focused organisation using the Powers of Sport to Inspire, Motivate and Educate everyone to build a better life for themselves and unite the communities in which they live. It is our strategic objective to work in collaboration and true partnership with other key organisations to provide greater opportunities and support, for young people and adults from across Kent the Southeast and afar.

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What We Do

As an official NCFE Approved Centre, 1st4Sport Approved Centre and a Kent FA Approved Licensed Football Provider, we aim to create fun and interactive sports, health and education programmes for a range of audiences and clientele groups. These can be adapted and flexible to meet the needs of the environment, individuals and wavering landscape within our four cornerstones:

Education, Training & Skills

Restorative Practice

Community Engagement & Health

Coaching & Development

How we do it

Within our linked four cornerstone model, we place our learners, players and participants at the centre of our programmes. This enables our staff to create a triad connection between the learner, the task and their values and ethics.

Encouraging learners to nurture their own characters helps to create a culture of excellence and high performance.

Why we do it

As a team, we believe that using this structure will enable an inspired, educated and motivated workforce to be developed. The unique connection we develop with our cohorts enable them to become self sufficient which increases their employment and social status. Our vision is to connect our learners to these three core values. This culture means in each session each learner feels a sense of purpose, pride and belonging in their learning and development.

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Testimonials & Reviews

The opportunities of the coaching pathway is unique and exciting. I am looking forward to working alongside Sports Connect to help those serious about coaching in our county, shape the future of coaching workforce.

Lee Suter

Overall my time at K Sports was very successful, the course can be as good or bad as you make it depending on your aspirations and work ethic. K Sports was the best decision for me as a stepping stone for a better life.

Archie Lally

I had two very good years at the K Sports U19 Academy improving my education and football. I was introduced to the 1st team and am still involved now. A big reason for this is the staff understanding about how and what were the best ways to work effectively.

Connor Cheek
Sports Connect’s education programme, in line with our bespoke requirements, is giving our JP6 coaches a platform to learn and coach. Great for both companies! I can’t wait to continue our work with Sports Connect!
Jason Pearce

Sports Connect have provided Gavin with a sense of purpose, they have shown complete commitment to Gavin showing him how it is to be part of a team enabling him to pursue his dreams of being part of a coaching football team.

Kim Holtum